Vision: To impart high quality education in a healthy and nurturing environment which would help produce confident, disciplined and courageous students possessing a strong character; to impart knowledge of the ideology of Pakistan to generate a spirit of patriotism and loyalty.
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01 Mar, 2011 Newsletter
 House System
Students are accommodated in two houses namely Jinnah House and Iqbal House. A House organizes its own study periods, social functions, excursions, and outdoor games etc. Each House is under the charge of Housemaster, who is assisted by an Assistant Housemaster, a house tutor and a Physical Training instructor.
To inculcate competitive spirit and a sense of achievement, inter-house competitions are held in various events viz all Out-door/Indoor Sports, Athletics, Drill, Naat, Qiraat and Debates. These activities go a long way in promoting team work and spirit de corp.
 Journey to College
1. It will be the responsibility of the parents to arrange safe journey for their sons/wards for going home and coming back to the College at the beginning and end of breaks/holidays.
2. The parents will furnish two passport size photographs of the persons who are authorized to collect the students from the college.
 Parents Visiting Day & Telephone Facility
The College calendar specifies the dates on which the parents are allowed to see their children living in the Hostel. In the evening Phone No. 041-8766732 is available in the Hostel and can be used to call up the student. If necessary the students are allowed by the Housemaster to call their parents using the same telephone. Parents are requested not to call during prep and games hours as boys will not be allowed to take them.
 Holidays and Visits
The college follows closely the Govt. schedule for holidays. Parents/Guardians are welcome to visit their sons/wards on scheduled Sunday. They may visit and take their sons out in case of genuine need. It must be noted that in the interest of security, only family members will be allowed to visit or take out any pupil.
Visits other than the fixed days are not allowed, except in case of genuine emergency. However, parents showing concern about the welfare or progress of their sons/wards are directed to contact the Principal.
The College will adopt possible measures for the safeguard of the students during their stay at the College campus. However, the institution will not be held responsible for any kind of accident/mishap causing any kind of physical harm or injury to anyone.
 Medical Aid
For ensuring quick and round the clock medical care, a full time dispensary is headed by an MBBS Doctor assisted by a qualified Dispenser. First-aid and routine treatment is met out at the College level.
Serious cases are referred to Medical Specialists with the consent of the Parents.
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