New student may have some adjustment issues after arriving at Sandal College. It is not unusual for a student to feel homesick after arrival and we are accustomed to helping students through such a period. Our health and counseling staff will be glad to assist students with difficulties at any time during their years at Sandal College.

Our goal is to promote and maintain the physical and emotional wellness of our students.  We encourage students to visit us and to know that help and advice are always readily accessible.


Morning Physical Training and evening games are compulsory for boarder, the day pupils are encouraged to attend. Facilities for cricket, hockey, football, basketball, athletics, gymnastics and badminton are available. Members of the staff are detained for the supervision and coaching of games. Qualified coach are engaged for major games whenever necessary.


For ensuring quick and round the clock medical care, a full time dispensary is headed by an M.B.B.S. Doctor assisted by a qualified medical assistant. First-aid and routine treatment is met out at the College level.

Serious cases are referred to Medical specialists with the consent of the Parents.