Vision: To impart high quality education in a healthy and nurturing environment which would help produce confident, disciplined and courageous students possessing a strong character; to impart knowledge of the ideology of Pakistan to generate a spirit of patriotism and loyalty.
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Salient Features
Play-way Teaching Approach

Small kids of Nursery & Prep classes enjoy learning by way of playing. The basics are taught through activities playfully in a pleasant environment under the supervision of a capable and affectionate staff. The method introduced by Maria Montessori is followed to make the children expressive independent and confident in their daily life.

Computer Studies

In order to keep pace with the technological advancement, the College has established modern computer laboratories in both Girls and Boys sections equipped with the latest computers. Competent and qualified staff has been engaged for imparting computer education.

Islamic Teaching

Teaching of Islam receives special attention in our system. A graded curriculum is followed from the junior classes to post matric-classes (F.Sc) that would bring up the students as true Muslims enriched with modern knowledge.

Science Laboratories

Well equipped laboratories in the subjects of Physics, Chemistry and Biology in both Girls and Boys sections have been provided. The students do their practicals to supplement their theoretical knowledge under the able guidance and supervision of competent staff.


The College library, being maintained under the supervision of a trained librarian, has a sizable number of books on various disciplines in the form of text books, reference books, encyclopedia and supplementary reading material to be issued on demand of the students for a couple of weeks. Library periods for elementary classes (VI to VIII) have been provided in the time-table. Apart from this, CDís/Cassettes (Video/Audio) on language learning, various disciplines and scientific knowledge have also been made available. Newspapers and Journals (both local and international) are also provided to update the knowledge of the learners.

Art Classes

Art subject is taught to provide the children an opportunity to expose their artistic aptitude and potential. The work of the students is exhibited at various occasions arranged by the Art Faculty.

Educational Trips

Educational trips provide direct education. Class-wise one day trips to Lahore and Islamabad are arranged for Girls and Boys (separately) in the supervision of their teachers. College classes (FSC classes) are allowed to have 2 to 5 days excursions to Murree and surrounding important places along with their teachers.

This refreshes the minds and knowledge of students about their surroundings and improves social behaviour.

Games, Physical Training and Drill

Afternoon games and regular physical training are necessary for the physical growth of the students. To achieve the objective, the students have been provided the facility for playing Football, Hockey, Cricket, Basketball, Volleyball and Tennis etc. in both Girls and Boys sections.

Provision of recreation room in the hostel provides added facility for indoor games for Boys. The day scholars can take part in evening games also at their own choice.

Friendly Fixtures

Friendly matches are arranged with other institutions of the system like PAF College (Sargodha), Cadet College (Hassan Abdal), DPS/DMC (Faisalabad), Chenab College (Jhang), Jinnah Public School (Toba Tek Singh) etc. Such interaction develops mutual trust, understanding and brotherhood among the students of different sister institutions.

College Transport

College Transport is also available for Junior/Girls Section and Boys up to class VIII.

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