Vision: To impart high quality education in a healthy and nurturing environment which would help produce confident, disciplined and courageous students possessing a strong character; to impart knowledge of the ideology of Pakistan to generate a spirit of patriotism and loyalty.
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 Faculty Jr./Girls Section
S.No. Name Designation Qualification
1. Ms. Sumaira Alamgir Teacher M.A English
2. Ms. Sobia Fatima Teacher M.A.Eng.+B.Ed, Dip.EPM
3. Ms. Samina Tasleem Headmistress M.A.English (Lit)
4. Ms. Nazia Rana Teacher M.Sc Home Econo.
5. Ms. Ghulam Sughra Teacher M.Sc. Zoology + B.Ed
6. Ms. Humaira Riaz Teacher M.A.Arabic+Isl.B.Ed
7. Ms. Samreen Hasnat Headmistress M.A.Eglish
9. Ms. Sumaira Iqbal Teacher M.A.English
9. Ms. Farzana Gulrukh Teacher M.A.Is.St.+ B.Ed
11. Ms. Saima Noureen Teacher M.A. Urdu
11. Ms. Fouzia Zulfiqar Teacher M.Sc Mathematics
13. Ms. Rizwana Rasheed Teacher M.A.Isl. M.Ed
13. Ms. Shafqat Ara Teacher M.A.English + MA EPM
16. Ms. Sadia Jabbar Teacher M.A. Sociology
15. Ms. Mehzooza Siddique Teacher M.A. Arabic + Isl.St, M.Phil + B.Ed
18. Ms. Shahzia Majeed Malik Teacher M.A.Urdu+ B.Ed+M.Phil.Urdu+M.A.EPM+M.Ed
17. Ms. Munazza Nabeel Teacher M.A. Pol.Sc B.Ed
20. Ms. Sumbal Zahid Teacher M.A. Fine Arts
19. Ms. Raheela Gulnaz Teacher M.A.English (Lit)
22. Ms. Shehla Gul Teacher M.Sc Comp.Science
21. Ms. Saima Usman Teacher M.Sc Chemistry
24. Ms. Sadia Majeed Teacher M.A. English
23. Ms. Sadia Shaukat Teacher M.A.Economic B.Ed
26. Ms. Uzma Tayyaba Teacher M.A.English
25. Ms. Nousheen Anwar Teacher M.Sc. Pak.St. + B.Ed
28. Ms. Noureen Arif Teacher M.A.English + B.Ed
27. Ms. Shumaila Kanwal Teacher M.A.English + B.Ed
30. Ms. Shumaila Ashraf Teacher M.Sc. Physics
29. Ms. Imrana Tabassum Teacher M.A.English +M.A Edu.
33. Ms. Humaira Kanwal Teacher M.Sc Botany
31. Ms. Rabia Ghaffar Teacher M.A.English
35. Ms. Nabila Ashraf Teacher M.A.Education
33. Ms. Nazia Shabbir Teacher M.A.Urdu + B.Ed
37. Ms. Ayesha Ahad Teacher M.Sc Chemistry
35. Ms. Irum Iqbal Teacher M.Sc Comp.Science
39. Ms. Rehana Nazir Teacher M.Sc Mathematics
37. Ms. Uzma Iqbal Teacher M.Sc Mathematics
41. Ms. Ayesha Akhtar Khayral Teacher M.Sc Mathematics
39. Ms. Rehena Boota Teacher M.Sc Chem.M.Phil B.Ed
43. Ms. Raheela Amin Teacher M.Sc Mathematics B.Ed
41. Ms. Fatima Kamal Teacher M.Sc Phy.B.Ed
45. Ms. Shazia Nasir Teacher M.A. English B.Ed
43. Ms. Sadia Nasir Teacher M.A. English B.Ed
47. Ms. Mamoona Zafar Teacher M.A.English
45. Ms. Rabia Majeed Malik Teacher M.A. English B.Ed
50. Ms. Saima Akram Teacher M.A. English LLB
47. Ms. Uzma Riaz Teacher B.A.
52. Ms. Shehla Komal Teacher B.A.
49. Ms. Misbah Siddique PTI B.A.+ Diploma Physical Education
54. Ms. Shazia Zeeshan Teacher B.A.+ Diploma Physical Education B.Ed
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