Vision: To impart high quality education in a healthy and nurturing environment which would help produce confident, disciplined and courageous students possessing a strong character; to impart knowledge of the ideology of Pakistan to generate a spirit of patriotism and loyalty.
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 Faculty Boys Section
S.No. Name Designation Qualification
1. Prof. Shaukat Ali Dhillon VicePrincipal M.Sc Maths
2. Mr. Muhamamd Afzal Bhatti (A.P.) AssistantProfessor M.Sc Maths B.Ed
3. Mr. Zafar Yasin AssistantProfessor M.Sc. Botany, M.Ed
4. Mr. Muhamamd Irfan-ul-Haq AssistantProfessor M.Sc Chemistry B.Ed
5. Mr. Muhammad Nawaz AssistantProfessor M.A. Urdu, B.Ed.
6. Mr. Abdul Rauf Humayun (A.P.) Housemaster M.A. English B.Ed
7. Mr. Akhtar Saeed AssistantProfessor M.A. English B.Ed
8. Mr. Muhammad Saleem Tariq Lecturer M.Sc Computer Science B.Ed
9. Mr. Mushtaq Ahmad Hashmi Lecturer M.A. Arabic Fazil Arabi
10. Mr. Muhammad Naveed Akram C/Exam. M.Sc Maths B.Ed
11. Mr. Muhammad Ashfaq Lecturer M.A. English B.Ed
12. Mr. Mr. Muhammad Hussain Lecturer M.Sc Computer Science
13. Mr. Muhammad Kashif Lecturer M.Sc Maths B.Ed
14. Mr. Muhammad Shahid Afzal Lecturer M.A. Islamiyat
15. Mr. Khan Muhammad Dogar Lecturer M.Sc Physics
16. Mr. Muhammad Imran Lecturer M.Sc. Chemistry, M.Phil
17. Mr. Ghulam Mohy-ud-Din Lecturer M.Sc Botany, M.Phil
18. Mr. Muhammad Akram Rana Lecturer M.A. English, B.Ed
19. Mr. Muhammad Naveed Lecturer M.Sc Mathematics
20. Mr. Khurram Shehzad DPE M.A. Phy. Edu.
21. Mr. Nabeel Anjum Lecturer M.Sc. Physics
22. Mr. Amir Saleem Lecturer M.Sc. Physics
23. Mr. Bilal Badar Munir Lecturer M.Sc.
24. Mr. Abdul Shakoor Abid Lecturer M.Sc. Chemistry
25. Mr. Qasim Saeed Lecturer M.A.Urdu
26. Mr. Adil Shahzad Lecturer M.A.Urdu
27. Mr. Muhammad Usman Lecturer M.A.Urdu
28. Mr. Sajid Ali Adil Lecturer M.Sc.
29. Mr. Ali Ahmad PTI Matric + Diploma PTI
30. Mr. Muhammad Arslan PTI B.A.
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