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 College Disciplinary Rules

Sandalians are advised to obey the rules framed by the college from time to time. Violation of the rules will render a student liable to expulsion from Sandal College. In such cases, the decision of the principal will be final and no appeal in any court of law is admissible against any decision.


Any student remaining absent from classes without proper permission for continuous 6 days excluding holidays, shall automatically be struck off from the College rolls. The student may be re-admitted within 15 days (after his/her name is dropped from the College rolls) on payment of readmission fee i.e. Rs. 1000/-.


Fine (class wise) per day will be imposed for absence without proper leave. (All fines are approved by the BOG).

  Classes Fine  
I. I - V Rs. 10/-  
II. VI - VIII Rs. 20/-  
III. IX - X Rs. 30/-  
IV. XI - XII Rs. 50/-  

The students are required to wear the college uniform properly pressed and shoes polished. Girl students are not allowed to wear jewellary of any kind or make up.


Damage to college property shall have to be made good with penalty by the student involved in such act.


Abusive or indecent language inside or outside the class is strictly dealt with.


A student showing consistently poor performance in academics or failing twice in the examination shall be expelled from the college.


Drinks and eatables may be consumed only during breaks. Wrappers and plastic bags shall be deposited in dustbins.


Mobiles, transistors, knives, cigarettes or any combustive material is banned in the college premises.


Serious breach of discipline or the rude behavior of the students or parents to the staff and other students will lead to immediate expulsion from the college.


Parents are not allowed to enter any classroom or meet any teacher directly. Principal will arrange such meeting if he/she desires so.


A student involved in cheating, gambling or immoral conduct shall be expelled.


No student or parent is allowed to paste, exhibit, prepare or distribute any poster, leaflet, notice, pamphlet or handbill inside or around of the College premises.


If any student or parent is aggrieved by any happening in the College, shall lodge a complaint with the Principal or Members BOG unless the Principal permits to do so.


Any political or immoral activity by any parent or students is strictly prohibited in or around College premises.


The Principal has full authority to fine, suspend expel or rusticate a student at any time when he/she feels that students stay in the college is harmful for the institution.

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